About the AIP Insiders Video Buy Back Guarantee

Updated December 11th, 2023

Getting approved for the Amazon influencer program and onsite commissions is the hardest part of the process. We don't want to limit our program to just pre-existing influencers, but we also don't want creators to come and invest a great deal of time and effort into this and come away with nothing. 

So, we created two things to help you here. 

#1 7 Day money back guarantee - If you realize quickly that you don't want to do the work to get your social media following engaged enough to get approved, no worries, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

#2 Video buy back guarantee - This is where we got a little creative and are the most excited. During the program, we ask that creators create review videos even before they're approved. This is so you have a nice stash of videos to upload immediately when you are approved.  

It would stink if you spent money on this program AND the time to make the videos and never get approved, so, if you can't get approved after 3 tries OR give up, we will buy your videos. Here are the guidelines for that. 

Guidelines for Buy Back Videos

#1 To qualify, you must have created at least 35 videos. We purchase videos in bulk starting at 35. This number does not include the 3-9 videos you use for the approval process. 

#2 We don't buy videos that were used for the approval process. When getting approved for onsite commissions, Amazon asks you to provide 3 videos for them to review. These videos shouldn't be sold or re-used by anyone else. 

#3 All videos must be compliant with Amazon's TOS. Videos that are not compliant will be rejected. Videos must also be a minimum of 45 seconds each to be approved. 

#4 Videos must not include mentions of your brand, website or socials. The videos need to be strictly reviews of the product and not have any mention of other storefronts or brands. 

#5 We review all of your videos and pay them on a $10-$20 grading scale. This is based on several factors, but mainly, the Fluencer Fruit score.  Any product that is reviewed with over a 60 score will qualify for the $20 payment. 

#6 Videos sold cannot be re-uploaded by the seller. Once the transaction has taken place, the videos are the property of the buyer. 

#7 Once videos are sold, there are no commissions paid on them to the seller. The videos are uploaded to the buyer's storefront and all commissions earned belong to them. 

#8 We ask that you spend at least 30 days trying to grow your social following. We will buy your videos sooner if you wish, but we would prefer you get yourself approved than sell us your videos.

#9 All videos must be shared via Google Drive.  This is the easiest way to share video files and we recommend that you begin storing your videos there ASAP. 

As a member of the AIP Insiders program, you will also be pre-approved to sell or auction videos to our community. This means you can still make money reviewing videos, just by selling them to other people. 


Is there a limit to how many videos I can sell?


As long as they meet the criteria above, you can create and sell 1,000+ for all we care :) 

Who is buying the videos?

Nate and Liz guarantee the purchase of your videos, so we will buy them. However, we will also be opening up a marketplace that connects creators with our AIP Insider students so that they can also buy videos. 

Is this against Amazon's TOS?

It is not against Amazon's terms of service to upload videos from other creators. 

If you follow the guidelines above, the entire process is compliant. 

We closely monitor the Amazon guidelines and compliance is our number 1 priority. If there are any updates to this (there always could be) we will adjust accordingly. 

How long is this offer good for?

Liz and Nate guarantee that this offer is available to all customers for the first year of their purchase. The only exception is if Amazon changes its terms of service and makes this process no longer viable. 

How long does it take to get paid?

Once all videos have been submitted, please allow 3-5 business days for us to review and price them for you. 

How do you decide the price of each video?

We price videos on a scale of $10-$20. Any video that meets the basic requirements will be purchased for at least $10. However, for a video to earn more than that, we are looking for the following. 

#1 A high Fluencer Fruit score product. A review of a product ranking over 60 on Fluencer Fruit will be eligible for $20 payouts. 

#2 A quality thumbnail. This is not required though for a video to be purchased. 

#3 High quality video. It can be simple, but should be well done with good audio and talking points.

#4 Not too long or too short. We don't give more value to longer videos after 2 minutes. 

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