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his page highlights all the tools and resources that I use and feel will benefit you as well. This list will expand as I grow my business and try new things, but I promise you one thing: I will never refer something I do not believe in 100%.

My success is based on your success. If I recommend a product or service, it is because I have used it in my own business. Throughout the blog, I will reference the links here quite often. I recommend that you bookmark this page for reference as you need. Many of the tools will not apply to you yet, but may later so I recommend revisiting periodically to see if something could help your business at that time

Many of the links below are affiliates of If you choose to purchase through these links, I may earn a commission. This comes at no additional charge to you. Not all of these products and services are for everyone, so spend time performing your own due diligence before purchasing anything I recommend here. Enjoy!

Wait! Before You Buy Anything…

My goal at is to help you make money. Sometimes that means recommending you buy something, sometimes, it means sending you in the direction of something free.

So, please check out my article “30 Free Tools For Entrepreneurs” before you buy anything.Free Tools for Entrepreneurs
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Priority Recommendations…

I consider the following tools to be absolutely critical to your success as an entrepreneur. If you don’t have the time to go through all of my recommendations right now, I highly recommend that you check these out, if nothing else. Note: There are alternatives, but these are the programs that I use and recommend considering price and functionality.

Get your site up quickly and keep it up…You need hosting, this is a fact. I have two recommendations because I believe there are two distinct types of readers:


Blue Host is what I recommend for beginners with less than 5,000 users per month and multiple sites.


WP Engine is what EntreResource is hosted on. I recommend this for serious bloggers and business owners.


FreshBooks is a lifesaver for invoicing and accounting work. As an entrepreneur of any type, you will need to create invoices. Fair or not your clients will see them as a reflection of the quality of your service. Be professional and efficient with this awesome software.

  • Create recurring payments
  • Create customized, branded invoices
  • Track payments and expenses
  • Monitor cash-flow and organize financial information easily


ConvertKit is my current email marketing system of choice. I have now tried Mailchimp, Infusionsoft and Aweber and have decided that ConvertKit beats them all for my needs.

  • Create tags and segments to manage multiple audiences and limit unsubscribes and SPAM.
  • Create in line opt-ins and one page landing pages.
  • Create “courses” (automated email sequences) that help engage your audience automatically.

Video and Audio…

TechSmith Media Capturing Tools

Camtasia 2 and Snagit are two of my most frequently used tools. I could not run my YouTube channel or explain tasks to my team members as clearly as I need to without them…I use Camtasia 2 for most of my YouTube videos and to create tutorials for virtual assistants and team members. Snagit is a tool that runs in the background and can easily be used to “snag” pictures of my desktop and whatever I’m working on at the time. Both tools allow for you to make annotations and add valuable effects to improve presentation and effectiveness of your videos and screenshots. Check out this Camtasia Studio/Snagit Bundle here



KW Finder is my favorite keyword research tool. Simple, yet powerful, this tool has everything you need to find the best keywords for your content.

Selling on Amazon…

Tactical Arbitrage Discount

Tactical Arbitrage is a must have for online product research. If you sell on Amazon, you should know about online arbitrage.

–>Check out my review of Tactical Arbitrage

WordPress and Web Design…

CjxarX7 - Imgur

WPCurve is a game changer for me. Simply email them a request and within 8-10 hours, they can solve the issue for you. WPcurve takes all of the minor annoyances that running these types of sites presents and keeps them off my shoulders. I can focus on my content and they can focus on plug-in issues, performing regular backups and many other odds and ends tasks better suited for them than me.

–> Check out my review of WP Curve here.


Optimizepress is a user-friendly program that will make this process much easier for even the novice person. You can also create blogs, webinars, and e-courses. Also, it is a one-time payment (pricing varies depending on the number of licenses you purchase.)

boY0CAt - Imgur

Clickfunnels is very similar to Optimizepress, but more sophisticated. It is also very user-friendly, although it is much more expensive ($97/month) than optimizepress.

Financial Tools and Shopping Carts…

wOq3b15 - Imgur

Gumroad is a marketplace that makes selling digital products easy.  You have the ability to create sales pages for your paid content (ebooks, spreadsheets, video courses etc.) and can easily track sales, add affiliates and contact your past buyers.


A5E4cse - Imgur

Blinkist is a collection of summaries (audio and text) of some of the most popular nonfiction books available today. Sure it’s not as good as reading the books themselves, but this is a great way to get the meat of the content quickly.

C58NCd8 - Imgur

7 Speed Reading is the only program I know to recommend for learning speed reading. The ability to speed read is a life changing skill and you can develop it with 7 Speed Reader.


DFJ22Iw - Imgur (3)

Fancyhands is a very interesting service that I have had a great experience with. You order their service in “gigs” just like Fiverr, but can have them performed as you need them. I have been impressed with the scope of things they can do.



Rescuetime keeps track of what you are doing online at any given time and shows you detailed reports of how productive (or nonproductive) you have been.


A simplistic writing medium that allows you to curate your writing to certain grade levels. I use this to keep my writing easy to understand and not overly complicated. The goal is to teach and be clear, not use fancy words.


A staple program for writers of any kind. You can use this amazingly powerful tool to create logically flowing ebooks, blogs or anything in between.

Want to learn Scrivener the right way? Check out… –> Learn Scrivener Fast

If you have any questions about any of these tools or services, use the contact me link and ask! I use all of these tools currently in my business and I am down to give you any pointers I can!

You do not need all of these tools at once. Some may seem overkill or unrelated to your business at this time, that is fine! I don’t expect everyone to have the same needs that I do and you should certainly ensure that your business is profitable before investing in too much overhead. That being said, I could not reach the level of financial success that I have without these tools helping me along the way. I highly recommend everything mentioned above!