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“How Many Affiliates Is Too Many?”

How Many Affiliates Is Too Many?

Are You Using Too Many Affiliates?

You need to ask yourself the following questions.

#1 Are the products mutually exclusive?

Is it possible, reasonable and beneficial to use all of tools or services you are promoting?

If so, you may consider using multiple affiliate links in the same post

#2 Are there different circumstances that make it reasonable to promote different products to different readers?

An example is hosting. I have different hosting recommendations based on the readers unique situation.

  • For newbies who won't experience a lot of traffic, I recommend BlueHost (with an affiliate).
  • For full-time bloggers and serious internet business people with a lot on the line, I recommend WP Engine (with an affiliate).

It is ok to promote different tools for different people (give them options).

Final Word

Do what is best for your audience at all times! If you do that, everything else will eventually fall into place. You don't get affiliate sales by putting links everywhere, you get it by providing value everywhere!

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