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By Nate McCallister / a couple of years ago

I am a business tool junkie, so when there is a new tool that gets hype from big names like Pat Flynn of, I check it out.

My most recent tool (toy) is CoSchedule.

It has made planning this blog so much easier, allowing me to spend more time writing content and less time planning and promoting it.

CoSchedule is a comprehensive content marketing tool that allows you to plan blog posts, schedule social media updates and sync them easily from one location. CoSchedule integrates directly with WordPress, so your posts can be updated on either WordPress or right in CoSchedule itself.

Here are some of the most useful features of CoSchedule.

Drag and drop content marketing scheduling

Plan the dates and times of your next posts in minutes, not hours.

Editorial Schedule for Blogs

Easily integrates with small or large sized marketing teams.

Add users to your account and delegate work between your team members. You can benefit from this if it is just you or an office full of interns and senior writers.

Reschedule past content with ease

This is something that most bloggers overlook. Your past content still has value, you just need to remember to share it every once in awhile.

Integrates seamlessly with WordPress

There is a CoSchedule wordpress plugin that syncs the program and WordPress with ease.

One click social media scheduling

CoSchedule allows you to schedule social media updates for different times and days. I have been doing this in the past with other tools, but CoSchedule is just as powerful and more user friendly.

Does CoSchedule connect with social media accounts well? Yes!

Allows you to manage Google Docs and Evernote content 

I love writing in Evernote and Google Docs. This tool encourages it even more by allowing you to turn them into posts.

…and tons of other integrations that will make your life much easier!

Judging by the way they have developed this product to this point, I can only assume that there are bigger things to come.

It is so important to be consistent in your blog schedule, and coschedule makes that happen. I now spend less than an hour scheduling my content and creating social media updates. I am able to get ahead of schedule and pace my posts so they appear in a consistent order, not just haphazardly.

[Even though it is already pretty straightforward, CoSchedule also offers a master class for their tool that comes with your membership.

Learn CoSchedule and content planning

If you read my article that discusses various tools for entrepreneurs, you may remember me mentioning that the built in tutorials are often one of the best ways to learn a new tool. This is a premium learning resource that will show you all you need to know and more.

CoSchedule will not only save you time, but it will also make you a better blogger. You will be able to write your content over time and know when you need to have articles completed to stay on schedule. To quickly grow a successful blog, you need discipline and a plan. This tool helps you build the plan and it is so functional that it lowers the amount of discipline required as well.

If you are considering coschedule, check out this 2 minute video to learn a little more and see it in action.

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