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How to Combine Multiple Google Drive Accounts (Time Saving Method)

Merge Google Drive Accounts

The Problem: You have more than one Google Drive account and want all of your files to be consolidated on one account but Google doesn’t give you the option to merge accounts.

Time Required: 5-20 mins

Difficulty: Very low

As someone who preaches about productivity, I am not proud to admit that I was wasting between 10-20 minutes per day (at least) sorting through Google Drive trying to locate files.

I had two separate Google Drive accounts and was creating and uploading documents (sheets, powerpoints, docs etc) into each without any real logic behind it.

Every time I needed a file, I would search for it and just hope that it was in the account I was logged in to at the time. If it wasn’t there, I’d log out and log in to the other one.


This wasn’t exactly ruining my productivity, but it was really fucking unnecessary.

The problem was that Google didn't have a "click button" solution for merging to accounts together. 

Here is how I combined the two separate Google Drive accounts into one (in the quickest way possible).

Video Instructions

Step #1 Decide Which Account to Keep

You don’t need more than one account if you organize your folders properly. Pick one and stick with it.

My advice would be keep the one that is linked to your business email OR the one with the most files in it already. Makes for an easier transition.

Which account you use isn’t super important.

Step #2 Create Two Folders in the Account You Aren’t Keeping

You will create a folder called “Trash” and a folder called “Transfer to Primary Drive.”

You can change these names however you want, just make sure that you have one for keeping and one for throwing out.

Google Drive Organization

The reason you are making these folders is because Drive only allows you to share folders one at a time. In order to speed things up, we will add all the folders and files you want to keep into one master folder and transfer that master folder to the new primary Drive account.

Step #3 Organize Your Files

Go through your files with a fine-toothed comb and choose which are worth transferring over to your new account.

Personally, I like to trash a lot of my older documents. I find that some things are not worth even keeping around and will only be a distraction (like content I started that I know actually sucked and doesn’t deserve being finished).

You do not have to do this.

Drive has a shit-ton of storage space (and you can buy more for almost nothing). If you can organize things well, more power to you.

Once you have organized your files, you can drag the “Trash” into the actual trash bin.

Step #4 Share Your Folder with Your Primary Account

You can do this a number of ways (it may look different).

Locate the folder, right click and select “share.”

You can share it like this...

Or this way...

Share Google Drive Image

Share the folder with your new primary Drive account email.

Share Google Drive to Merge Two Accounts

Step #5 Switch Accounts and Verify Folder Has Been Shared

Log out of the old Drive account and log into the main one.

Navigate to the “shared with me” folder and ensure that the folder is now available.

Share Google Drive

You’re done!

For a bonus, since you’re already in here and rolling...spend an extra 30 mins to an hour organizing your main Drive account.

Now, be sure that you don’t fall back into the mistake of using multiple accounts!

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