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Which Brands Are Filing IP Complaints Against Amazon Sellers?

By Nate McCallister / last week

For Amazon sellers, 2017 will go down as “the year of the intellectual property complaint.”Complaints like the one below are becoming commonplace for many sellers…If you received one of these heart dropping, rage inducing notifications, you weren’t alone. It seems that just about everyone who sold products from brands that they didn’t own got at least […]


Jungle Scout Review: A World Class Product Research Tool for Amazon Sellers with Bonus Step by Step Tutorials

By Nate McCallister / a few months ago

There are over 2 million 3rd party sellers on Amazon. Amazon has a total of 398,040,250 products as on January 4, 2017.Via Scrapehero.comTo say that you need every competitive advantage possible is an understatement. Fortunately, there are tools like Jungle Scout that give their users an unfair advantage over their competitors. In this article I am going to […]

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