6 Bad Entrepreneurship Quotes

As is the case with most self-development junkies, I love a good motivational quote.

There are some quotes however that I feel sound better than they are practical and relevant. Some quotes are cute, but misguided. Here are my least favorite sayings and why entrepreneurs shouldn't blindly believe them. 

"If your dreams don’t terrify you, they aren’t big enough"

Not sure what this quote really means. Why would your dreams terrify you? Maybe a fear of not reaching them should terrify you because you want to achieve them so bad? Anyway, dreams should make you excited and motivated, not terrified. I don’t see how that emotion applies, but maybe that is just me.

"Do what you love"

This is only half true. For me, I love building businesses and finding ways to capitalize on opportunities that others may not see.I love baseball, writing music, spending time with my family and lots of other things. Check this out though, building my businesses helps me do these things. If I close my options to only these narrow topics, I will miss out on other great chances.

Making money on my own excites me just as much as these things because I know it will allow me to do them on my own terms. I can’t do just the things I love anyway, I like too many things! For me to maximize my enjoyment, making the most money on other opportunities is huge.

Perhaps if you are not motivated to just succeed for the sake of it, this would be more applicable.

"Money can't buy happiness"

Again, a half-truth. True, you can’t achieve complete bliss because of a huge surplus of money, but having it allows you to live the life of your dreams, do what you love, spend time with your loved ones and have one less worry on your plate.

Money also prevents a lot of pain. Divorce, bankruptcy, etc.

This saying was made as an excuse for not making money or for people who were so naive that they thought money would be an absolute solution to all of their problems.

Just as buying a delicious meal at a fancy restaurant may create happiness, money can make you quite happy, it just isn't ALL that you need for lasting happiness.

Take this quote for what it is. Incomplete and incorrect on it's own.

"Everything popular is wrong" - Oscar Wilde

This is the worst one I have ever heard. It is shock value and nothing more. Everything popular is wrong?!?! Do I need to rant about why this is ridiculous?

Popular things I consider to be correct: Equality, Charity, Compassion, Breathing…

"Failure is not an option"

I hate to rip into this saying because it has great intentions and I agree in the mindset to an extent. The problem with this quote is that failure is a huge part of being an entrepreneur. If you fail (which you will) but had decided it “wasn’t an option”, it can be incredibly deflating.

"Quitters never win and winners never quit!"

Do everything in your power to avoid failure, but understand it is an inevitable part of success. You cannot prevent all failures, but you can choose to grow from them.

In fact, it is NECESSARY to quit sometimes. If something isn't the best use of your time, it isn't wise to continue it just because you don't want to be labeled a quitter. 

Quitting is actually hard for driven entrepreneurs but is necessary from time to time in order to maximize the value of our output and time. ​


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