9 Proven Methods for Destroying Writers Block

By Nate McCallister / a couple of years ago
Beat writer's block

There is nothing more deflating than losing your productive inertia due to the inevitable writer's block. We will all face it at some point, some more than others, but there are ways to mitigate its effects.

If you want to make it as a content creator, you must manage your writer's block and find ways to fight through it. Destroying writers block is very possible.

Who is more to be pitied, a writer bound and gagged by policemen or one living in perfect freedom who has nothing more to say?”


Kurt Vonnegut



The 9 Steps for Destroying Writer's Block

#1 Take a Short Break


Don't give up for the day, but take a quick breather, go for a walk, anything to get your mind off the topic of writing for a few minutes.


#2 Change the Routine


Although a writing routine is critical to your continued productivity, sometimes changing it up can help get you out of a writing funk. Consider changing your location, writing medium, background ambience, or anything ambiance is normally a constant in your writing ritual.


#3 Brainstorm on Scratch PaperAnswering questions


Write down any and everything related to your topic and branch ideas off of one another. Writing nonsense is better than writing nothing. Just keep the momentum and you will get through it.


#4 Read Related Content


Read content that either supports or disproves your content's main premise. Use an RSS feed reader like Feedly.com  and read related blogs and content daily to stay inspired.


#5 Do a Quick 10 Minute Workout


Getting your blood flowing will increase brain function and creativity. I use the Sworkit app and the Ab-Ripper from P90X.


#6 Get Feedback from Others


You may want to to seek the assistance of others to get a different perspective on your topic.


#7 Try Using Voice Dictation


Sometimes we can verbalize ideas better than putting them on paper. Use a tool like Dragon Dictation for this.


#8 Don't Worry about Editing Your Work


You shouldn't be editing as you write anyway, it is an inefficient use of your time because you will likely want to add and remove content in the following drafts.


#9 Find the Right Sounds


The right background noise can make a world of difference. What is ideal? I don't know. We are all too different for their to be one that works equally for all of us. Check out these tools to find the sounds that get you into your ideal writing zone.










Bonus: Consider adding some classical music over top of any of the ambient sound generators.

There you have it, keep writing, don't give up and dominate.


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