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7 Best Digital Marketing Books to Help Grow Your Online Business


Digital marketing is like bodybuilding. It takes insane amounts of time and work. Also, what you put into yourself, you will see in results. Good or bad. Bodybuilders eat healthy meals, successful digital marketers feed themselves with quality information.

In this article, I will share the books you the best digital marketing books you should “feed” yourself to reach your full potential.

There is a saying in marketing (I don’t know who to credit it to) that goes like, “Until you are getting 100% conversions, you still have ways you can improve.”

In marketing, ‘Until you have 100% conversions, you still have work to do.’  ‘Until you have 100% conversions, you have work to do.’

While it is impossible to become a good copywriter/online marketer without tons of action and experimentation, there are several books that can minimize the learning curve.

Here are the 7 books that I know will make you a better online marketer.

I took into consideration several factors when creating this list.

1. The books needed to take a marketing approach that I actually follow and believe to be ethical.

There are several books that encourage marketing behaviors I do not support).

2. I have only mentioned books here that I have read.

I am not a fan of these “100 Books you need to read” type articles. Those make me wonder if there is something the writer would actually not promote. I value your time like I value my own. I have read most of the major publications in this field (especially the most recent ones) and these books are the cream of the crop and are worth your time.


#1 Dot Com Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online by Russel Brunson 

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Why Read this Book: This book is a must read for anyone looking to learn how to compose engaging email sequences that drive loyal fans and eventual sales.

I implemented some of the methods in this book, stored my new email sequences in ConvertKit, and haven’t looked back since.

Who Would Benefit the Most: Anyone looking to build a sustainable base of raving fans and/or anyone who uses the ClickFunnels software.

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#2 Ask by Ryan Levesque askcover01

Why Read This Book: This book is not just a rehashing of vague, dated theory. It is full of immediately implementable customer acquisition methods that are both original and proven (by Levesque and in my own tests).

Levesque walks you through the process of finding your “ideal customers” by creating buckets using “deep dive surveys” followed by “micro-commitment surveys.”

The first half of this book is about Levesque’s personal life and how he came up with the Ask formula. While I enjoyed it greatly (particularly the part where he discussed how he learned to write better copy through long hand duplication), you don’t need to read it to get the actionable insights out of the book.

If you want to shave 2-3 hours off the read, skip to Part II (page 63 in the physical printed copy I own).

Who Would Benefit the Most: Marketers who love data and have a secret passion for spreadsheets and formulas.

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#3 The Conversion Code by Chris Smith


Why read this book: Chris Smith is an internet marketer who was trained in both white hat and black hat tactics.

This book is the culmination of that experience. He (and I) of course only recommend you implement the white hat tactics.

Cool takeaway: Doing something well you are on a phone call (walking, bouncing a ball on the wall etc.) can make you speak more naturally and less robotic.

Who would like it the most: People who aren’t afraid to get on the phone. This book goes into tactics for finding your hyper-responsive buyers and how to make sales with them one on one.

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#4 How to Write Copy That Sells by Ray Edwardshow-to-write-copy-taht-sells-ray-edwards

Why read this book: This book is full of information relevant to marketers in any line of business. The entire chapter on bullet points changed how I use them in my copy.

Click here to learn the different types of bullet points Ray Edwards teaches in the book.

Who would benefit the most: Anyone who wants a book they can read multiple times and continue to find value.

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#5 Launch by Jeff Walkerimg_0514-1

Why read this book: Jeff Walker is one of the pioneers of the online launch (although some of the tactics apply to traditional, offline marketing). Launch goes through the process in great detail, with examples and actionable takeaways.

As effective as this method is, I am not a huge fan of the ways I have seen it implemented by novice marketers. If you follow this method, please, do it the right way. It is easy to be that “car salesman” marketer with this launch method if you aren’t careful.

Use this for good, not to be slimy and sell garbage.

Who would benefit the most: Anyone who has a big ticket item to sell.

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#6 Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holidayimg_0516-1

Why read this book: You may not have heard of Ryan Holiday, but he will be on your radar after you read this book that is both original and actionable. Holiday defines a growth hacker as “someone who has thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable.”

Who would benefit the most: Anyone looking for a low-cost alternative to traditional marketing.

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#7 Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal and Dave Wright


Why read this book: This book shines a light on the psychology of habit forming products and what we as marketers can do to, ethically, to play to our buyer’s basic human nature.

Who would benefit the most: Anyone looking to create “viral” products and find ways to get their products to encourage repeat, mass usage.

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