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16 IFTTT Recipes That Will Make You a Social Media All Star

By Nate McCallister / a couple of years ago

If you haven't heard of IFTTT, you're in for a treat.

IFTTT is a service that enables users to connect different web applications with different conditional “recipes.” It is essentially programming that is simple enough for you to use even if you know nothing about programming.

Example: If (I am mentioned in a tweet) Then (email me.)

Make sense? You're basically connecting applications in ways that make them more functional.

If you want a little more info on what IFTTT is, check this out.

IFTTT Supported AppsSome of the biggest web services integrate with IFTTT (Dropbox, Twitter, FaceBook, and many more) so the possibilities are endless. In the hands of someone with a little creativity, it can facilitate big things.

Here are some of the recipes that I have implemented to help with my social media marketing efforts at one time or another. *Please read through to the end where I explain how you can't run them all at the same time.

Note: Although I recommend tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Edgar and Coschedule, these recipes do a great job of emulating much of what these programs do.

Oh, and for free!

I trust the paid tools and use them myself, but these recipes are a fantastic option if you are an up-and-comer on a tight budget.

Share Your Blog Posts

These first 6 recipes are a free alternative to some of the features of Coschedule.

If you are not able to afford Coschedule, this will do a good job mimicking its functionality in the meantime.

1. Tweet Blog Posts

IFTT WordPress to Twitter

2. Share to a FB Page

Blog Posts to FB

3. Share to LinkedIn

Wordpress to Linked-IN

4. Pin Post to Board

IFTTT Pinterest Recipe

5. Share to Reddit

Wordpress to Reddit

6. Share to Medium

Wordpress to Medium IFTTT

Twitter Efficiency

7. Follow Followers

IFTTT Twitter Auto Follow

8.Tweet FB Page Posts

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 2.00.52 PM

9. Thank Followers 

Thank Followers on Twitter

YouTube Auto Sharing

10. Share YouTube Videos to FB Page

YouTube to FB Page

11. Share YouTube Videos to LinkedIn

YouTube to LinkedIn

12. Share YouTube Videos to Reddit

YouTube to Reddit

13. Share YouTube Videos to Twitter

YouTube to Twitter


Some love for Instagram

14. Instagram Image to FB Page

Instagram to FB Page

15. Instagram Image to Twitter

Instagram to Twitter IFTTT

16. Instagram Image to Pinterest

Instagram to Pinterest IFTTT


You should not use all 16 of these at the same time.

It will cause duplicate posting.

For instance, if you have you were to use #1, #2 and #8, you would end up with double posts from FaceBook to Twitter. You would have the post from WordPress AND the post again, but coming from Facebook.

You can set these more efficiently if you create  “chains.” This will cause a domino effect of action and minimize the number of recipes you will use.

Here is an example:


If uploading to YouTube –> Then: share to FB


If sharing to FB–> Then: Tweet Link.


If uploading to YouTube –>…Then: tweet link.

This example shows how you wouldn't need an extra recipe (If YouTube Upload –> Then Tweet) because there is an action triggered to send the link from FaceBook once the YouTube video posts there.

Note: The example above is an example of the Transitive Property of Equality (a concept we used in geometry class freshman year) and my teacher would lose his mind if he knew I remembered it AND used it during my personal time.

Hopefully you see this someday coach Liebert…

Now, back to the article!

Create whatever recipes fits your needs best.

If you typically tweet and don't share on FaceBook, but would like to, consider using the “Post Tweets to Facebook Page” instead of the “Facebook Page to Twitter” recipe.

Remember, don't do both, just one or the other.

I hope this isn't getting confusing, it should make sense once you start implementing them.

Some IFTTT Marketing Hacks

The recipes I have shared are just the tip of the iceberg. You can do so much with IFTTT it is nuts.

Here are some other tasks to consider to improve your productivity and marketing efforts.

  • Save past status updates and images to Google Drive or Evernote

This will allow you to reference all past updates and dig up evergreen posts that can be shared again. This is very similar to how Edgar works, it is just manually done instead of automatically like Edgar.

Edgar is more intuitive as well, while this method is totally dependent on you.

There are other 3rd party storage applications that IFTTT integrates with as well, but Drive and Evernote are my favorite.

  • If you are a paid user of Buffer, you can do even more with IFTTT

Currently, there are some channels that aren't supported directly by IFTTT (I'm looking at you Google+ !). Buffer however is, so with a little extra tweaking, you can make some pretty awesome conditional actions. One of them is to update Google+ and FaceBook groups (groups, not pages, those are already supported in IFTTT).

  • Many additional statements can be made using a Gmail trigger

Once you get to a place where you can't find the functionality that you need, this may make more sense. But you can set Gmail to forward information to an email address of your choosing. You can use this to send posts, videos etc. to FB Groups (again, not a basic function, pages are included in IFTTT).  You would do this by finding the unique email address for your group and sending content to it. Here is an example of how to post a YouTube video to a FB Group


The Takeaway and IFTTT Notes


  1. Remember the difference between FB Pages, groups, and your personal profile. Groups are not included in basic IFTTT functionality, but can be used via a Gmail workaround.
  2. You should test your recipes to make sure they are working correctly. There is an easy option for this on IFTTT.
  3. Looking for even more functionality? Zapier is a similar service with some additional integrations (PayPal being a big one for me).
  4. Instagram and Google + are not integrated well with IFTTT, but they are with tools like Hootsuite.

The best way to summarize IFTTT would be likening it to legos. IFTTT is the table where you can put a lot of different sets of legos together and make cool things from them.

How was that? If you don't get what IFTTT is, that is ok, you can pay someone on Upwork to either install these for you or even create more complicated ones.

These are “smartcuts” and should be implemented immediately if you are doing the tasks shared above manually.

If you liked this post, stay tuned because I will have another post on IFTTT recipes for a few other aspects of your business. Why not join the newsletter to be sure  you don't miss it? You won't want to miss it I promise!

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